A New Analysis On Prudent Methods Of Fitness

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There’s also a fitness test built into the M430, and it’s not what you might expect. Instead of having you exercise and measuring your fitness based on your performance, Polar’s Fitness Test asks you to lie down and relax. Confused? Don’t be — it’s measuring your body’s ability to transport oxygen in your blood, with a higher VO2 Max representing a higher level of aerobic fitness. Polar recommends testing every month or so to see your progress. Bizarrely, for a test that just involves lying down and relaxing, it’s very easy to fail. We found it was tripped up by moving too much, and had to retake the test on more than one occasion. Considering it only asked us to sit still, as opposed to running a mile or getting our heart-rate to a certain level, this wasn’t terribly annoying to have to do over again. Polar included light smartwatch-style functionality, but it’s clear that the M430 wasn’t built with this in mind.

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