Further Examination Of Important Issues For Weightlifting

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He said the Levuka lifters are happy and successful where they are, with their long-time coach Joweti Tuwai, and were not consulted about the changes. "That's why we are not giving up on our national coach because we believe (in) him," he said. "This has been our dream for a long time. We have been dreaming that we want (our) local coach to get Olympic medals for Fiji and know that the last coach in the sevens in 2016 even though Fiji got the gold medal but (it was) under the overseas coach (Ben Ryan from England). "We have been dreaming of this for a long time but Weightlifting (Fiji's) President go ahead and got this coach without consulting us, the Levuka lifters at all. "We did not have any consultation from the Weightlifting Fiji President about bringing this new Static Contraction Equipment coach." A local weightlifting competition at the high performance centre in Levuka, which was destroyed by Cyclone Winston in 2016 Photo: Supplied Peni Tawai said more than 30 lifters train at their gym in Levuka, which was destroyed by Cyclone Winston in 2016 and can only fit six to seven people at a time sharing two weightlifting platforms. He said Weightlifting Fiji promised to rebuild the gym but this never happened. The Iranian coach is due to arrive in Fiji in 2019 to coach the country's lifters for two years before returning home after the 2020 Olympics. Mr Tawai said the families of the Levuka lifters are supportive of their stance and said they were left with no other choice. "We are thinking of all the hard work, all the sweat we've been doing from grassroots level training these kids when they get the bar," he said.

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