Some Updated Answers On Recognising Significant Criteria In Powerlifting

We’ve seen the transition of many football players to mixed martial arts, a pairing that seems strange yet complimentary at the same time. A much more smooth transition is the one between powerlifting and bodybuilding. While they may be two different disciplines they do PeakFitPro share a Static Contraction Training great many similarities. That said, being a great powerlifter and a great bodybuilder are two different things entirely. Yet, if one is diligent enough, the transition can be seamless. But that doesn’t mean making the leap from one strength sport to another is easy. It take a great deal of preparation for both a powerlifting event as well as a bodybuilding show. For Mark Bell, the experience in high level powerlifting likely prepared him mentally for making the shift to competitive bodybuilding. Winning multiple championships in powerlifting, Mark Bell has made a big impression in the fitness world. He and his brother Chris Bell’s documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger, introduced the world to Mark and showed the inner workings of the strength and fitness community. With his accomplishments in powerlifting, Mark Bell has sought to once again challenge himself, this time taking up competitive bodybuilding.

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